Camp sites – Maker Heights

I’m not a fan of posh camp sites.  I like to get back to basics:

  • A field
  • A composting toilets
  • No electricity
  • Space
  • A decent view

Maker delivers all those in spades!  Plus there is great food available at the weekend  from the food cube.

There are three fields.

  • Super quiet field
  • Family field
  • Party field (sleeping is unusual)

The only drawback to staying at Maker is that there are only 4 showers and they are, to be charitable, retro basic chic.  In other words, they are pretty much the same as they were in 1970.  That said, they are warm and wet and I haven’t caught trench foot from using them.  So they are what they are and they do not pretend to be anything else.

So if you visit, appreciate Maker for what it is – don’t complain about what it is not.

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