A map for these territories: Locating UX research practice by approach and mindset

This is a well thought out and Cogent piece. I like it and wanted to share it

Ben Kraal

In user experience, it’s sometimes hard to explain what sort of designer you are. It can be even harder to explain what sort of researcher you are. UX design almost necessarily requires a practitioner to have some sort of research approach as part of their practice. There’s a lot of value in designers of any sort understanding the history of their field. Most design programs will include at least one “design history” course. As Ross Floate says, you need to know your giants.

In UX as much as there are giants of practice and each week brings a new framework or style, there’s less acknowledgement or awareness that the research approaches we use as part of our practice also have a history.

In fact, while there’s a huge variety of UX design research techniques and an even bigger variety of articles that tell you what they are and when…

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