Naked Education #12 : The Primary Teacherly “We” (liberal amounts of swearing)

This term we are focusing on developing our maths skills and the north pole….a summary of the drivel sent home by teachers, particularly Early Years and Key Stage one teachers, in termly outlines of the work planned for their class


Stop speaking teacher bollocks.

“We are Improving our maths skills.”   I would hope that YOU as a qualified teacher has managed to master number bonds to twenty and instant recall of your times tables. If not, I will personally keel haul you and then tar and feather your ass.


The children are improving their maths skills. YOU facilitate that.  There is no WE in maths.

You are supposed to be an expert, trained in children’s acquisition of  maths skills and able to identify the misconceptions and gaps in understanding of the children you are responsible for.

Stop being so bloody nice and act like a professional who knows what you are doing.

You make me want to puke

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