Naked Education #11 : Display (justified swearing & lots of it)

What is wrong with you people?

In fact you can’t actually perpetrate your current display policy and be described as a sentient being.  You are more unthinking than a sheep.  Sheep die if they fall over because they are too stupid to stand up.

“Best practice” in display is a bunch of trite bollocks.

Would you people live in houses like this?  You deserve a turn on “Britain’s worst hoarders” if you do.  I reckon you are living out your fantasies of being the teacher you wanted to be aged 11 and doing the interior decorating version of let’s pretend.

Stop it.  There is not an ounce of research anywhere (apart from one totally shit PGCE project) to show that double mounting and official fonts and all the other voodoo your SLT has created in order to keep order, makes even the tiniest scrap of difference to kids learning.

In fact all the research says you make it worse, that they are health hazards and fire risks. Thats it.  You are double mounting a fire risk according to policy.  You are probably contributing to the behaviour issues in your class, mind you, you deserve them if you comply with this crap.

Don’t give me your lemon face and trot out more trite crap about working walls, they were a good idea ruined by niceness and shiny bullshit.

Dear SLT:

Let you teachers use the walls as the see fit. So what if it’s a mess. Nobody died from scruffiness.  Maybe the disorder is a sign of cognition, but you can’t measure compliance in cognition with your fancy clipboard can you?

To be frank your display policy would serve more use and offer better value if I put it in my lavatory and wiped my arse on it.

That is all.

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