Naked Education #8 : Marking (contains gratuitous of swearing)

Marking is bollocks.

Monitoring and scrutiny of marking is the scrutiny of bollocks.

Marking policies are policies about bollocks.

Hocus pocus systems including highlighting, stars and wishes, WALTS, WILFS  and other such nonsense are bollocks.  They are all systems designed to be monitored for compliance by SLT.  They help nobody.

There is no research to suggest that marking is anything other than:  bollocks.

Smart Regulation:

Kids need FEEDBACK.

Kids like FEEDBACK.

Kids need immediate FEEDBACK.

Kids improve if they get regular FEEDBACK.

The minimum regulation is:



Smart Solution:

Stop marking so that SLT approve.

Ban marking as a measure of anything other than people with too much time on their hands.

Lengthen your school day by 1 hour so that teachers can spend time talking with kids and discussing issues with their progress.  Not to deliver more content.

This will give all teachers 2 hours of their evening back, where they currently write bollocks in books so that someone else can check they wrote the bollocks in a compliant fashion.


God gave us this tremendous time efficient feedback system.  He gave both children and teachers a pair of ears and a mouth.

Thats all you need.

Stick your stampers, smiley faces and highlighters up your bum.

Dedicated to a twinkly thing.

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