Naked Education #7 : SLT (contains swearing)

I see you.

You oxybloodymoron.

Strutting around, basking in your extra non-contact time & ticking off things on your lists, stroking your chin knowingly, shaking your head, hiding the grin of glee as you get extra time with the boss for your “good behaviour”.

We all know you crave promotion to get less time in contact with kids and more time in your office with no window.

We all know you got promoted to a bloody cupboard so you can lock yourself away and to avoid the hard work.

In an average 10 class primary school the SLT (excluding the Headteacher salary & SENCO) probably cost £25k per annum in TLR and leadership scale payments.


Your school pays the cost of an NQT per year to keep you bunch of scheisters away from kids.

Consider that logic:  The allegedly best teachers in the school are paid extra to teach less.

Has anyone done a study into the levels of progress in SLT classes vs those with a consistent teacher all the time? I bet you in many cases its less than if the SLT member was in there 100%.

So what duties do you undertake in your palatial cupboard with your clipboard?

  • Lets pretend: (where you observe lessons and wish you were OFsted)
    • Try teaching with your colleagues, you know like being part of a team and add value to every lesson you take part in, not watch, with your lemon face and sucked teeth.
  • The connoisseur of planning: (where you can be relieved that yours isn’t subject to the same scrutiny) marking it like it’s a piece of kids work, checking the boxes are completed correctly.
    • Try spending the same amount of time with each team member helping them plan, you know try to pass on your wisdom (such as it is) and add some value to the process.
  • Scrutinise marking: The game where you mark their marking to check that its neat, WALT and WILFed and the pretty stamps are evenly applied and the stars and wishes are aligned with the LO. What a fucking farce.  Talk about adding another layer of useless bureaucracy on top of another already useless layer.
    • Try helping with the marking of some books with your team, you know, do something productive and add some value with your expensive time. Rather than ponce about enforcing compliance from your broom cupboard.
  • Perpetrate Learning Walks: We all know that this used to be called spying on people. That’s why everyone in the school pretends to like you.  They are fucking frightened of you!
    • Try getting your hands dirty and helping your team sort their rooms out, add some bloody value instead of leaching the soul out of your colleagues.


Being SLT should mean you become a servant of your team.  

As my most fondly remembered head put it:

You are the umbrella above the team’s heads, your job is to keep the stupid shit off them & protect them from it and only ask them minimum of them, other than to be the best teacher they can be.

It is not your job;

  1. to go sneaking and spying and listening at keyholes to identify thought crime amongst your colleagues.
  2. to be a bully.
  3. be workshy.
  4. apply mindless policy and shiny bullshit processes without thinking through the consequences or impact

You are part of the LEADERSHIP team, you should be ploughing the way, pedagogically, philosphically, rolemodelly.  

You should be taking risks and rocking the boat, and taking responsibility for every fuck up your team make.

Otherwise all the NQTs in your school see success as being put in a cupboard with a clipboard & the spiders.


3 thoughts on “Naked Education #7 : SLT (contains swearing)

  1. And there I was thinking I was being scrutinised for the “greater good”. Reading things like this make me see the errors in education and back up my feelings about heading for the exit…

    • The greater good is somebody else’s career progression. If they can prove they are good at checking, they get to be Deputy Head

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