Naked Education #4: Staff meetings

Stop wasting everybody’s time.

  • Do you differentiate? No!
  • Do those Staff who are lazy, useless, wasters who suck the life from your school, but you can’t get rid of improve as a consequence? No!
  • Do you waste a shed load of money? YES! in a 10 class primary, each staff meeting of 1 hour costs £350 in man hours.

Staff meetings serve two purposes:

  1. information giving & staff mood checking – that is what God gave us emails, surveys and shared calendars for.
  2. “training” – this is where staff behave like children and NOTHING is learned.


Such as:

take the total cost:

30x£350 = £10500.

Make it available to staff to bid for part of that fund to pay for their own CPD which is linked to their Performance Management.  Therefore;

  • The best most inspired & driven teachers will devise personal or group learning plans at Maters level, all focussed on the improvement plan which you can fund easily with constructive alignment.
  • The idle feckless jobsworths who believe they need something in addition to their salary of £30K+ to be ‘inspired’ will fail to develop or improve and become more shit.  This will enable you to sack them for being measurably more shit than last year.
  • If you do have to meet, for a whole school approach to something, do it standing up.
  • Meet off site for regular beer or other soft beverage drinking ceremonies to build team spirit

That is all.

PS – Overalls would make far more sense as a a dress code for Primary teachers 😉

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