Naked Education #3 – Planning (the bare necessities)

Planning is undertaken to enable the teacher to plan to engage children in learning opportunities.

Apply smart regulation principles (Define what it needs to achieve, not how it needs to be):


  • Legible and intelligible for a 3rd party to recognise intentions, (but not be a script just incase a supply turns up).
  • Sufficient detail for the teacher to apply effectively.
  • Support the work of other adults in the room
  • intentions should meet needs of the kids in the room so that they make progress.
  • take the minimum amount of time to complete
  • it should optimise the perfomance of the person who made the plan.
  • Provide latitude to capitalise upon unintended opportunities.

False rules:

  • Planning should not be written for ease of SLT scrutiny.
  • Uniformity is not a prerequisite
  • SLT should scrutinise learning not planning.
  • WALTS WILFS and LO are time consuming managerialist garbage. Leave them alone.

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