Naked Education #2: School Uniform

School Uniform as a vehicle to turn young people into conforming business drones from the age of 5 is ridiculous. Know the following statements of the blindingly obvious:

  • Kids don’t stop learning because they wear Jeans.
  • Jeans are harder wearing than most school trousers.
  • Kids don’t want blazers, they want a many pocketed multifunctional over garment to keep their valuables close to their person.  The best solution to this is a Walking Jacket.
  • Offer the blighters a choice, manage their self expression rather than turn it into a crime.
  • Enforcing a uniform code is about breaking the spirit of the children.
  • Kids like a Brand to be proud of wearing, not a blazer with a crest.
  • Make your uniform a functional brand they want to wear at the weekend.

Bottom line: kids stop learning when they are taught by morons, not because of denim or goretex.

One thought on “Naked Education #2: School Uniform

  1. Oh dear. I agree with bullet 1, bullet 4, bullet 5 less expletive.
    Overarching wrapper and argument largely misses the point about school uniform for those that support such a choice for their school. The picture that heads up this article does not show uniform being worn with pride, and I guess proves Peteyeo’s premise.
    But in schools where the pupils have learned to take pride in achievement in all its diverse manifestations, they would not look like above, nor would they be in battery farms for business.
    As John Hattie and his works highlight, if you want to improve a school, don’t start with uniform and homework. Start with the key things that need to be addressed and do so with passion so that both staff and pupils are empowered by the concepts around autonomy,. mastery and purpose.
    But in any of the major scenarios where children witness success, those scenarios show amazing attention to detail. Think any sport, theatre, dance, technology, craft and so forth – you’ll see 10,000 hours of practice and a disciplined mind, and a real understanding of ‘dressing the part’.

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