Computing: The Message – seducing the proles

We need to meet the ‘proles’ where they are. This is a basic evangelistic strategy.



We need to sell what they will buy. What they will buy is what they value, what they value is thinking skills and opportunities to help children grow as individuals. So, my friends, that is what we must sell.




Is computing an Armadillo?



At the moment we have things the wrong way around. Not philosophically, but from a sales point of view.


Code on the outside, thinking on the inside


Thinking on the outside, code on the inside





We have a subject built in “Pythonesque” fashion.


Nobody expects the Computing Curriculum,

Our valuable element is Computer Science.

Our two main elements are CS and esafety.

Our three main elements are CS, esafety and ICT…..



Partly that was because we could not accept that ICT was a dead subject. An ex-subject……gorn to meet it’s maker



Lets face it, it’s a……



There’s no over arching theme, no common link, its a three part fudge to satisfy the views of self interest groups who didnt trust the profession to value their particular passions.  I salute the self interest groups, this is at the heart of capitalism.  The Invisible Hand Theory suggests that nobody acts altruistically, everyone acts selfishly, but out of selfish acts, society improves.  This is true for the industrial philanthropists and also true for the lobby to include esafety and communication with technology.  Lets face it, for many ICT in education advisors and twitterati, the Computing curriculum is a challenge to revenue and putting the food on the table.  [That’s the case for me and certainly my ramblings here must be considered in light of my lack of background in code and the fact that I have mispaced my mind.]

The Saleable Message :

(5th draft)

The Computing Curriculum will enable children to understand the nature of life in the 21st Century, They will develop the thinking skills, logic and wisdom to work efficiently and successfully in any field they choose.  At the heart of life in the 21st century is data.  Data is the new gold, it is valued by nations, companies alike.  It is undervalued by individuals.

The Computing Curriculum develops children’s understanding of data in 3 areas:

1) Computer Science:  planning and writing algorithms and programmes to allow computers to process data effectively  and to use that data to make computers do stuff.

2) Esafety: understanding your digital footprint, what happens to data on the web, what are the consequences of putting that data on the web etc? Developing a critical stance to data on the web and likely reasons for the requests for your data made online every time you log in.

3) Communication:  effective transmission of children’s understanding of data and other ideas. This isn’t just about prezi and cutsy communications. Its about why and when prezi is magnificent and when it’s a nauseating boat ride.

Data is part of the fabric of our world. It is all pervading, it is beautiful.


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