Computing: Becoming an Algorithmic School

The Algorithmic School:

  • Processes matter  – ” How many organisations are there in the UK where the systems and processes exists in one person’s head? What value is there in an algorithmic school?”   Identifying where in any process decisions are binary or involve professional judgement.

This reminded me of the broken record that Alex Polizzi has become, where she has to remind every hotelier or business owner that the basic process of cleaning will not get done if there is a vague waving of the hand and request for cleaning the room.  It needs a process, a list of predetermined processes that have to be performed consistently, accurately and rapidly.

So:  the first phase of developing the Computing Curriculum is actually to become an Algorithmic School.  No more, no less. Keeping in mind that it takes 40 days to build a habit.  Make it the sole focus of every teacher and administrator for at least half a term.

Invest in CPD –  with the intention of lowering the barrier to entry to the subject through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for the proles.   Translation – normalise it and desensitise them. Build and establish cultural relevance.

  • Jigsaws
  • Guess Who
  • Battleships
  • Getting ready for school algorithm.
  • Start the day algorithm for Foundation children – use the flow chart symbols, normalise it
  • “Are we nearly there yet algorithm.”
  • Processing dinner money algorithm
  • Which is bigger 3 or 7? Algorithm  – this could impact  on the teaching of maths
  • Story planning with algorithms.
  • Deciding if child has dyslexia algorithm
  • Behaviour management and sanctions algorithm.

Algorithms aren’t instructions.  Instructions do not allow for choice, algorithms do.

It may be with considering the hypothesis that one of the reasons that teachers work so hard is that they don’t think algorithmically. Seek out three complex processes to document as algorithms. I guarantee you that there will be a return on the investment of time spent on the documentation. Your school will work more efficiently as a result.

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