ResearchEd 2014 – A Cunning Plan – Research Pitch Fest

Hello chaps.

I just hit upon what is in my view, stunning idea:

I enjoyed ResearchEd 2013 – Tom & the team did a wonderful job.   I was left thinking that people were “inspired”an awful lot was discussed, judgement was passed and little changed. (we are all too busy)

So: How about we move from talking about research to discussing how to do research and what research we can deliver as a community.  Let’s move from being connoisseurs of research to being agents of change.  The most impressive community of change agents I ever encounter are at a Start up Weekend, where I have been fortunate enough to be a coach on a couple of occasions.

So, I give you:

Start up Weekend meets ResearchEd –

  1.  I think it may involve and old idea of mine – a hub to aggregate shared understanding of current research: ImpactEd.
  2. Spend some time discussing  RCTrials, methods, Ethics, dissemination
  3. A pitchfest – people pitch their idea for a research project in 1  minute – anyone brave enough can pitch a question or idea for research.
  4. Top ten pitches as voted by the hoards go forward to build teams to create proposals in 3 hours. Teams built of Teachers, Leaders and Researchers.
  5. Dragons Den pitches of the ten to determine who wins the funding pot donated by a lovely sponsor with HUGE pockets.

The outcome:

The ResearchEd community builds 10 viable project teams and they feed back at Research2014.6 in six months time and we run the whole process again.

Views?  Its just a brain splurge – needs charisma and charm to pull it off.  I was at charm school with @oldandrew ………………………..


4 thoughts on “ResearchEd 2014 – A Cunning Plan – Research Pitch Fest

  1. Sounds like an interesting proposal with clear and immediate ‘action’ at the end of it. I’m in. And willing to help where possible.

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