Kidsmeet Plymouth – Empowered children

kidsmeetToday was kidsmeet Plymouth, held in the rather splendid graduation marquee on the Hoe.  A lovely group of children from the Dawlish Learning Partnership primary schools joined us and spent a few hours learning about different technologies.

My splendid students:

Alice, Aaron, Lisa, Naomi, Hannah, Megan, Alex, Lydia, Lucy, Lewis and Emma did an incredible job to plan activities with particularly vague specification from me.  They laid on the following workshops:

  • Using WordPress
  • Using Edmodo
  • Using a class twitter account
  • Using Google Docs
  • Animating with ipads
  • Cool Stuff ipads do
  • esafety and digital footprints
  • Scratch

The children had a chance to enjoy an hour in the SciTech Showcase, where they rode on Segways, made snot, talked to robots and learned about identity theft.

At the end of the day the kids prioritised and presented their suggested top 3 learning tools to develop in their school. The level of maturity they displayed was sensational.  I was expecting them to pick the shiny toys to recommend, but the decisions were considered and rational:

  • 1. Edmodo  2. Scratch 3. Google Docs
  • 1. Google Docs 2. Edmodo 3. Scratch
  • 1. Scratch 2. iPads 3. Google Docs
  • 1. Google Docs 2. Class Twitter 3. Animation
  • 1. Edmodo 2. Animation 3. Scratch
  • 1. Animation 2. Google docs 3. Edmodo

What struck me as profound, was that all the children in all the schools saw the value of collaborative tools, particularly either Edmodo or Google Docs.

Next is the journey to take those children and turn them into digital leaders, providing a sustainable groundswell of expertise amongst the children to support teachers in providing innovation in their pedagogy.  One challenge is to create a series of open badges enabling the children to study and work towards a series of open badges, where they can level up as their skills increase.  I have a feeling that might be a project for some of my students too.

Thanks to my students for helping the kids today, thanks to Leon.  It wouldn’t have happened without you.


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