VLE – stuff you need to know

I’m speaking in Bristol at the University on the uses of VLE.

Here is a list of stuff you need to know:

Make your decisions based on things fitting the values & pedagogy of your school.

Vle self corrects to vile on iPad pointless waste of time

Student ownership (locus of control) a good online learning experience means inevitably that the learning will be flipped.Flipped Learning

Learning analytics is the issue. Delivery of the right learning objects to the right child at the right time.

Single sign in RM Unify for example – makes things simple.

Mash ups of tools is the future – RISK – plan to manage it. Be rational – don’t be scared

Google apps – Nothing is free – off load liability.

Don’t build prisons in the sky

Homework – work at home

Data protection – patriot act- know your law – what is sensitive data, what isn’t? Rely on the South West Grid for Learning. They know.

When you co-negotiate and redesign any large scale element of schooling, you get an uplift in outcomes.

Plan, plan again, plan better.

It takes 40 days and 40 nights of use to build a habit. So take 40 days to plan for 40 days of sustained use.



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