Gems for the classroom #2: Carcassonne

Let me introduce you to Carcassonne – a bonkers city in France.

It is a city in the South of France.  Fortified by a fortification fetishsist in the 19th Century,  the theorist and architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. Eugene, (Dave, to his mates) believed that  restoration meant return buildings to a finished state, rather than preserve what is already there.  He was an interventionist.

Carcassonne was established by a river, it is the perfect example of settlement and a really cool place for kids to fall in love with.

Add in the most magnificent and entrancing board game bearing the same name and you have a perfect cross curricular unit of work. The maths involved in every move of playing the game is tremendous.  The Geography of settlement, the design of a local version of Carcassonne for your local town is perfect, the music of the medieval period



The game allows each player to add tiles to the map, building cities, roads and farms which enable points to be scored, a walled city scores double that of an unfinished one, the strategy and filth involved in winning and retaining control of territory is demanding and the game is like an onion, where layer after layer of complexity is revealed.



Here is a video of a review of the game:


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