Curriculum 2014: It’s a trap


Wake up!

Can’t you see it?

The New Curriculum 2014 is a cunning trap, laid for you by your beloved Mr Gove.

He has defined the minimum entitlement, he conceives this as maybe being delivered in 50-60% of the school year.


Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 21.49.35

page 40 – White Paper 2010 – The importance of teaching.

Think that through when you complain about the narrow scope and missing bits.  It’s not an accident.  It’s a trap!

Mr Gove is manoeuvring you into a place where despite your treaties for more autonomy , you refuse to see the space and panic.  That panic drives you straight into the trap.  Where the teaching profession turns on itself and eats it’s own spleen.

In the past weeks I have heard teachers say:

“without more guidance the rest of ICT wont be taught”

“it’s ok for kids in well led schools”

You are damning your own profession.

This curriculum is a gift, we should be shouting BRING IT ON!

4 thoughts on “Curriculum 2014: It’s a trap

  1. hehe! The National Curriculum, at least at KS 3&4, is an irrelevance anyway! Astute teachers have been drawing down the contents of exam syllabi for a while now.

    In reality, the first iteration of the National Curriculum constricted the scope of education, and all subsequent revisions have restricted it further! Teachers who care about their subject and that their charges get a decent education have been supplementing the NC (and exam syllabi) since day 1!

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