7 thoughts on “Lining up

  1. Lining up is often a time when instructions may be issued, either to individual lines or groups of lines (on a playground). This is a naturally sensible time to issue instructions to a whole, lined-up group or expectations for the forthcoming session to be shared. If lining up is generally always done quietly, instructions can then be issued more effectively and efficiently.

  2. Yes. If you want to call it that. But then I’d ask the following:
    Children sitting at desks in class to receive instructions.
    Why must it be done silently?
    What does it achieve?
    Is there any good reason for the silence other than compliance?

  3. At some point in the history of schooling it was decided that the ‘best’ class size is around 30. This is a lot of small people for one person to organise and it doesn’t get any easier when they are bigger. Teachers are charged with educating these small or big young people and to do that often requires imposing some order. This is true whether you are going to teach them how to play a game or how to do quadratic equations.
    Perhaps teachers should be questioning how often children are lining up and being made to be quiet and if it is necessary all the time. Too much control like this can lead to an oppressive and intimidating classroom and could be a factor in alienating children from education.

  4. Yes it is compliance. I rarely use this except occasionally as punishment. But I think you do need to start your lesson with some compliance….. From @dukkhaboy

    • Doesn’t it depend on the individual, and the type of interaction with The Line? Simply: allows teacher to set the tone, whatever tone that is. Especially important when classroom expectations vary between teachers in a large comp. I usually line classes up, but not always military style in silence!

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