From e-learning to i-learning – solving the riddle of BYOD

I was privileged to give the keynote at the Link2ICT conference in Birmingham.  What I realised as I was speaking, that I have learned so much from the people who took a chance on me in 2002, and the people who have tolerated me since:
Steve Lepper
Doug Dickinson
Tricia Neal
Martin Blows
Steve Wheeler
Oliver Quinlan
I used many of your words today.  Thanks
  1. @ethinking “@link2ict: Peter Yeomans takes to the stage #link2ict2013”
  2. #link2ict2013 “it’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for” quotes @ethinking
  3. Along with highly effective project management – BYOD #link2ict2013
  4. Pedagogical technical content knowledge- All are needed to deliver ICT in schools- does your school have it all?#link2ict2013
  5. @ethinking “schools need to be ready to hand the process of learning over to the students, or they’re not ready for BYOD” #link2ict2013
  6. Lol- “@link2ict: The moonwalking bears of BYOD…possible winner of today’s unexpected phrase of the conference #link2ict2013
  7. 16% of staff will not jump into BYOD, and about half of staff will have concerns #link2ict2013
  8. “BYOD needs to be about working via a browser” #link2ict2013
  9. #link2ict2013 @ethinking Set up the conditions for creativity- you can’t teach it.
  10. No evidence anywhere that homework has any impact with children under 14 #link2ict2013
  11. If you are not into building digital wisdom (of pupils) then there’s no point in implementing BYOD #link2ict2013
  12. RT @sharoncufflin: #link2ict2013 Pete Yeomans – apps 3 genres- games communication access to info. But can confine thinking and limit creative possibilities
  13. RT @sharoncufflin: #link2ict2013 Create a culture of children who self teach – important to create agile learners
  14. RT @link2ict: The key is to create a culture of kids who self teach #link2ict2013
  15. The practicality of ensuring a device is, or can be, charged, is an issue for BYOD #link2ict2013
  16. Lunch break now after a great keynote talk from Peter Yeomans, lots of things to think about and consider for BYOD #link2ict2013
  17. @ethinking really enjoyed your keynote today. Thought provoking…. particularly BYOD feasibility in primary setting.
  18. @toots2106 it’s feasible – it just needs planning for – and managing properly
  19. @ethinking 😉 your words prompted my words. Credit is all yours!
  20. @ethinking agreed, but i can see that impact on learning would be huge. long shot but do you know of any primaries in bham using byod?
  21. @esafetyadviser @ethinking i do have isafety reservations though. will take careful thought and planning to overcome.
  22. @toots2106 @ethinking Careful risk assessment and mitigation. Esafety is not the showstopper

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