QR codes explained

What is this?

What does it do?

How many significant dimensions does the data have?

Seen these?

How many significant dimensions does the data have?

What do you think it means?


Scan it with a QR reader app on your phone.

I dare you to do what it says…….

This was made with the KAYWA QR Generator

Another Option

Microsoft have a TAG app. It is free and allows you to get analytics on the QR code you post.

Try this one:


Do you know what you just gave away?

Did you know what was there? 

How did you decide to trust it?

Classroom Applications of QR Codes:

1) An tablet in your classroom will allow you create displays that leap off the wall and onto the pad.

2) There are lots of ideas for ways QR codes could be used here – but this does make reference to kinaesthetic learning, discussed here as a Learning theory for those who daren’t think

3) QR code scavenger hunts – contextualise an experience in place.  A bit like this futurelab project “Savannah” which provides a rationale for the use to contextualise space.

4) QR codes in books to link 20th century to 21st century modes.


This must add value, not be picked because they are ‘fun’


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