Prensky: Tinker time

Mark Prensky is cursed with having coined the Digital Natives/Immigrants idea that is now regularly trotted out by partly informed lay people and educators in equal measure.  He wrote more later, stating that DIGITAL WISDOM was where it’s at…keep up people!

He also wrote this lovely article specifiying his five skills framework for the 21st century:

  1. Figure out the right thing to do
  2. Getting it done
  3. Working with others
  4. Acting creatively
  5. Continually seeking to be better

In part 4, he specified the need to ‘tinker’ and design.

Its what we need our kids to be able  to do people: Tinker and design, not comply.

One thought on “Prensky: Tinker time

  1. How can pupils avoid just complying? When all we teach them are how to jump through hoops to pass exams? When every lesson we make them write an answer that fits the mark scheme or the level descriptor? When all new policies in school are justified because “OFSTED will be looking for this”?
    Pupils will never have the bravery to think for themselves when teachers are so scared of showing any individuality. And teachers will not start to ‘tinker’ while all their head teachers want to do is appease and impress the people at OFSTED. (@dukkhaboy)

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