In Place of Schools – a dose of common sense?

John Adcock is a clever bloke.  One prepared to think outside the box. He began writing books to support the teaching of English literature for Junior and secondary children.  He wrote In Place of Schools: A Novel Plan for the 21st Century (Alternative Education) in 1995, and the book is out of print.  He moved this forward through several iterations including a non fictional, detailed plan for the replacement of schools; Teaching Tomorrow: Personal Tuition as an Alternative to School.  Again sadly out of print. His latest effort along similar lines is the rather delightful Vote for Terry Park!: The Common Sense Man,a novel exploring how schools might look like if common sense was applied to them.

I was first introduced to John’s work by a student, and was taken by the introductory page, which challenged me at a time that my own child was facing the imminent threat posed by school to his innate curiosity and pioneering spirit.

It made me think two things:

1) That’s the job I want, and I’m lucky enough to work somewhere that allows me to do it.

2) That’s the learning I want for the boy.  Not institutional, totalitarian control, applied without thought, based on folklore and pedagogy.

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