I wouldn’t start from here…..

My vision for education:

1) Stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

2) 51 weeks a year, 8am to 6pm with core hours from 9am to 5pm.

Is there a good reason that schools operate from 9-3ish? Children leave wrap around day care and enter school, the pace is different, the rhythm is different, children make incredible progress, why can’t that continue beyond age 4?

Why can children learn at nursery and develop effectively even when they take random weeks of leave?

Couldn’t we run school on the same basis? All staff and students entitled to 8 weeks leave? To be taken by agreement? You know, the way the entire world beyond education manages their work and family…….

3) focussed individual interventions just in time.

I’ m suggesting children have a personal learning mentor, not a teacher. Why would this be a bad idea? (This is drawn straight from Adcock)

4) personal curriculum agreed with parents.

5) other agencies support families

6) anytime anywhere any place learning.

7) time to tinker.

And before you start on the reasons why it cant happen, watch this:

One thought on “I wouldn’t start from here…..

  1. I think you’ve given some interesting points but you haven’t elaborated on them to explain what you mean. Are you expecting all ‘teachers’ to basically become individual tutors? Do you really think that all parents would be good at helping with curriculums? I don’t doubt that most parents would be, but there are always those few. Do you not think other agencies help already? Surely there will always be limits to the extent that they can help individuals and their families? Why 51 weeks a year?

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