Education should be for: Developing the Five Minds for the future

Prof Gardner published this in his book of the same title in 2009.  Five Minds for the Future suggests that there are five (curiously) minds that enable a person to exhibit 21st century attributes & stand a chance of being successful in future uncertain society.

  1. The Disciplined Mind: The ability to display robust and valuable disciplines of thinking:  thinking as an historian for example, being able to investigae scientifically, being able to take a philosophical approach
  2. The Synthesizing Mind: The ability to gather, aggregate and synthesize ideas from the disciplines into a coherent whole and to communicate that integration to other people.
  3. The Creative Mind: The capacity to uncover and clarify new problems, questions and phenomena.  This is born from the previous two…being creative without having first been disciplined is tough.
  4. The Respectful Mind: The awareness of and appreciation for differences among human beings and human groups.
  5. The Ethical Mind: The attitude that ensures that you honour your  responsibilities as a worker and as a citizen.

Professor Gardener has spoken about this on several occasions, below are links to a brief over view and a full length lecture on his theory.

Five minds in less than 5 minutes:

Click here to watch the RSA lecture he gave on the Five minds in a lot more than 5 minutes.

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