The social networking hierarchy of ‘like’?

I had a nice chat with @susanbanister (who likes to be name checked in people’s blogs) and @oliverquinlan (who is developing a new career as a football pundit) over several sherberts last week.

We got to talking about the levels of intimacy attributed to the various social media.

It seems we were in agreement that we will linked in and tweet with just about anyone.

Facebook is more personal. We seemed to agree that we are ‘friends’ with the people we know and are interested in sharing the lives of….but that the professional and personal circles may be separated into different profiles.

That leaves actually speaking to people, which is deemed more personal.

Only a select few get our mobile numbers  –

Fewer have our home phone numbers  – mostly close family infact.

That leaves email which wasn’t really considered in the conversation.

I have some interesting experiences in schools working with teachers using their personal hotmail or google accounts to manage school business.  This seems bizarre to me – the “” is a unique and special ending to an email account implying legitimacy and a level of official sanction.  emails from just don’t cut it when dealing with school business.  Is it the equivalent to transacting school business on your own personal note paper.

Emails seem to have become the preferred method of written communication between businesses.  Letters are now horribly official or deeply personal polarised.  Is a handwritten letter now considered one of the most personal and private methods of communication…..

I have multichannel communication with colleagues. Twitter, book face, post-its, email, SMS and a real phone call.

In my mind there is a hierarchy of media depending upon the importance or urgency of the message.

1) Email – this says answer when you feel you are next at work.

2) Post -it – says deal with this next time you are at your desk.

2) Twitter – answer me when you are next checking your tweets but I only require a brief answer.

3) Bookface – answer if you feel like responding to banal nonsense.

4) SMS – answer as soon as plz.

5) Phone call – look, I’m so desperate I need to speak to you, answer me NOW!

I wonder if these are common hierarchies?
Let me know.

2 thoughts on “The social networking hierarchy of ‘like’?

  1. 6) *tap tap* “Hi, can I have a word?” – look, you’ve been ducking my calls so I’ve traipsed all this way to pin you down in person…

  2. I cannot remember the last time that I wrote a letter by hand. Personal to me is speaking face to face. There is also the hierachy of work mobile and personal mobile. Not many people have both of mine.
    Thanks for the name check too. It is duly noted.

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