Pelecon13 and the Pelconjnr festival : 10 -12 April 2013

Well this is an exciting post to write…

Inspired by the incredible event in a field in the arctic, I mean Oxenhope.  The event that will go down in history as the first #CampEd.

We (Steve Wheeler,  Oliver Quinlan, Edd Bolton, Jason Truscott and the team) have been hatching the plans for Pelecon13.  By our calculations, the conference falls in the Easter holiday period, so we have a cunning plan:

We want the Pelecon ‘left behinds’ to join us – to share in the friendships we have all developed over the past 7 years.

The 10th April 2013 will be a family day:  we will run workshops, hopefully led by our noble #ukedchat friends.  We are hoping that @pelecon friends and their families will come down for the week and join us for a day of pelecontastic activities which we will share with families from Plymouth.  We are exploring the possibility of arranging accommodation on Campus or working with some of the incredible serviced apartment providers in the city.  Ask Miles Berry about his stay at the Royal William Yard. I believe it was most satisfactory.

For the 11th & 12th, whilst the conference is in full swing, we plan to arrange an itinerary of other events, maybe a visit to the Eden Project and some time at the Plymouth Life Centre, or the National Marine Aquarium or the magnificent Bantham Beach.  These details are to be decided.

We are also hoping to have all the Primary ICT & Digital Literacy students from Plymouth University join us and hope to instigate a stream where they can share their research with all the incredible brains at the conference and bring even more rigour to their already excellent work.

So – bring your other half, bring the kids, Pelecon is a celebration of learning in a beautiful city. Join us.

Look out for the updated website, leave a comment here to tell us if we are on the right lines….

6 thoughts on “Pelecon13 and the Pelconjnr festival : 10 -12 April 2013

  1. What a great idea! #CampEd12 was borne out of two conversations – firstly that at many conferences the unconference elements were as (or even more) valuable as those in the seminars and keynotes; secondly there was a risk of it being too many people who agreed with each other doing the same thing they always did.
    I think that you will be successful in this because of the child / youngster centredness of the approach. At #CampEd12 my favourite moments involved watching children learning and leading learning which was a real privilege. If you add to this watching my teenage son playing his guitar alongside adults who mentored him during an evening of music he weekend was a real change and a real treat.

    My view would be that you should fight hard to make this happen as it will be better than you hope for – the downside is you won’t have a clue what is going to happen until the youngsters arrive!!!

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