School Improvement – Satisfactory……damn with faint praise

Two blogs in one day:


I just spotted this as someone’s twitter avatar.

It relates to this article in the Guardian and this press release by OfSTED.

3000 schools serving 1,000,000 have sustained performance of ‘satisfactory’ through two consecutive inspections.


1,000,000 children are in the care of professionals who do not aspire to be good.  Actually thats not true – they might aspire, but they can’t quite translate that into meaningful action beyond wallowing in self pity.

Never forget one of the key values of the British:

Mediocre is the goal. So long as you are happy. It will be ok.

4 thoughts on “School Improvement – Satisfactory……damn with faint praise

  1. Part of me thinks that this view is too black and white, but then the facts are the facts! Is it worth noting that there may well be ‘good’ teaching and teachers in ‘satisfactory’ schools?

    • There are good teachers in satisfactory schools, but if so , they are under utilised and probably masking the ones who are failing…..on the other hand….maybe we say that to make ourselves feel better…..that way we can avoid the problem… Watch the Unions, they will rant on about the injustices perpetrated on teachers…1,000,000 children kind of trump that don’t they? They are the vulnerable ones!

      • True, it may also be a management issue. I know of schools that have gone into special measures yet none of the teaching observations were deemed unsatisfactory. That says something to me.

        Out of interest, do you think this will result in more good schools?

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