Becoming an ‘ilemming’. ‘Apple and Pearpressure’ prevail over logic

ilemming nirvana

It’s happened.

I am no longer able to avoid the imperative of buying a Mac. I am taking the plunge. As a soon to be hypocrite, I must outline my reasoning:

Reasons not to have a mac:

  1. Winding ‘Macists’ up about their overpriced over engineered solution to a computing solution is intensely amusing.
  2. Every Mac user I have ever wound up will view me as a hypocrite.
  3. I don’t want to learn Macbabble…..every Macist I have ever met launches into an evangelistic diatribe about viruses and cats, snow lions, tiger prawns and other such spurious animals. I gather it’s something to do with the operating system that have been trying to finish for some time.
  4. Change. I don’t want to have to learn a new thing… heart I’m a teacher, I’m culturally opposed to it, I’m designed to be smug and hard done to, not embrace new technologies and fight my demons. If teachers started doing that, where would it all end?

Reasons to have a mac.

  1. It’s pretty and I can polish it. I have noticed Macists carry little micropore cloths to polish their lovely mac. I hope it’s not An optional extra.
  2. It’s light and has plenty of megablobs to do its stuff and I do recall some Macbabble about the cats inside being megatastic at processing so a mac is for life, not disposable like a Laptop.
  3. In my world, the Macists prevail, and I’m left out cos I can’t babble in Macbabble. So perhaps I’m being bullied into it, ostracised by my peers and victimised.
  4. The Macists will achieve what they crave, affirmation of their insane purchasing decisions that have forced me to head lemming-like over the same financial precipice.
  5. It isnt actually my mac. My esteemed employer will fund it in order to facilitate my learning using money I earned by being enterprising. So technically it isn’t my mac. That way my soul remains pure.
  6. Change. Change is fun, learning new stuff is fun, confronting my demons and outwitting them is fun. I will prevail, when I do, I will achieve a sense of wellbeing. I will teach myself, and when I can’t I’ll ask the Macists who will support me with evangelistic zeal.

So what can we learn form the incredible jobs phenomenon?

  1. If you are uncompromising in your quest for design excellence and functional brilliance then you can end up with the IPhone/pad/pod phenomenon.
  2. When you design an more expensive solution to the problem than the competion, provide a polishing cloth and market it to fundamentalist purists who value form over function. If you are successful, then even hard-nosed anti trend setters like me will be forced to become an ‘ilemming’ and sell out their most dearly held principles.

Finally to all my Macist contemporaries, you know who you are, take your best shot, I deserve it.

5 thoughts on “Becoming an ‘ilemming’. ‘Apple and Pearpressure’ prevail over logic

  1. Ha! you nailed my experience (except for the fact that I’m not a teacher and my employer — being a soloista — is not quite so generous!

  2. ‘Expensive’???! By that you mean ‘cost’ rather than ‘value’ I hope?! You gotta get the lingo right now your soul has been sullied!

  3. well my view has always been Dave Allen approach may your “god” (os) go with you . if you do good things the box is irrelevant just macs appear to be more predictable than PC’s but who wants stability (erh me ) .

    enjoy polishing it i suspect you wont polish it cover it in stickers instead

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